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Dog Skin Infections

Dog skin infections are usually caused by a
bacteria called Staphylococcus Intermedius, but other
bacteria can also be involved. The cause of skin
infections in dogs in most cases are still unknown but
there are studies that being made that factors such as
fleas, mites, bacteria, allergies, irritants like shampoos
may be the cause. It is also evident in some cases of skin
infections that fatty acid deficiency plays a part, too.

It was believed for some time that skin infections are
treated the same, but in a research done, it showed that
there are two distinctive type of skin infections which
are; superficial hot spots and deep hot spots. Therefore,
it is very important that as a dog owner you can identify
if your dog has a skin infection and what type of skin
infection it has so this way you and your veterinarian
would be able to treat it properly.


Superficial hot spot skin infection appear as a moist
patch of inflamed, ulcerated, itchy skin with matted hair.
Deep hot spot skin infection is quite different in the
sense that there will be a very deep infection and oozing
on the skin. If you see these types of skin infection on
your dog, consult your veterinarian at once for immediate


The treatment for superficial hot spot skin infection is
very easy. All you have to do is by clipping bach the hair
from the affected area, then clean it with a medicated
soap and water followed by application of an appropriate
topical medication. You veterianarian can teach you what
types of soap and medication you will use.

Treating the deep hot spot skin infection includes
antibiotics as well as topical treatment. Consult your
veterinarian first before treating your dog yourself just
to be sure.

Prevention of skin infection in dogs is quite difficult
because there isn't a determined cause for this disease
yet so the best way to cope with this problem is to make
sure that you do an early detection of the skin infection
so as not to aggravate the problem. You can supplement
your dog with an essential fatty acid to make their skin
healthy from skin infection.
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