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Dog Worms

Dog worms are very dangerous if not fatal
for your pet dog if you don't detect it early that's why
it is important to educate yourself on the types of dog
worms including their possible symptoms and treatments.
Dog worms should not be taken lightly that's why we are
here to help you know more about this dangerous parasite
that lives in your dog.

There are atleast 5 different types of dog worms or
internal parasites which your dog can fall prey to. These
are heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm.
Early detection is very important because different type
of dog worms requires different type of treatment. Also
you should be aware that the roundworm and hookworm can be
transmittd to humans. Some of these worms can be
invincible to the eye and may show little symptom so it's
important to have routine check-ups with your local
veterinarian. Others would show symptoms such as diarrhea,
vomiting, weight loss, appetite loss, pot-bellied
appearance, coughing and low energy level.


Picking up feces of your dog when you're in a park or
outdoors should be a standard practice to prevent soil
contamination and spread of these worms.

There should be a regular twice a year visit to your vet
for stool testing for dog worms.

Dog fleas are responsible for the spread of tapeworms so
make sure that your dog is flea controlled. You can check
out our article regarding dog flea control for this.

Believe it or not but most puppies eat their feces and in
these feces are the worms so make sure that your puppy
does away with this bad habit.

Clean your dog's area like their bed or cage with a strong
saltwater solution for this will aid in the prevention of

Exposing your dog to stray animals, birds and dead rodents
can cause them to get worms so make sure that you don't
get your dog exposed to them.

If you see any symptoms that we've written here regarding
dog worms, you should contact your veterinarian
immediately for them to be able to diagnose the type of
worm your dog has and the possible treatment for it.
Remember that if these worms are detected at an early
stage, you can stop them from being dangerous to your dog.

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