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Dog Skin Allergies

As people can get skin allergies, it's also
the same as with dogs. Skin allergies in dogs are mostly
inherited and are common disease that affects atleast
10-15 percent of it's population. Since symptoms of skin
allergies in humans differ from that of a dog, it is
important for you to be aware on how to identify the
symptoms of skin allergies in you pet dog.


Skin allergies in dogs will often appear first in a
seasonal stage until it becomes worst and appear all year
long. The primary symptoms of skin allergy in dogs mainly
includes itchiness and scratching in areas such as the
face, eyes, ears and muzzle. Ear infections can also be
identified as that of a skin allergy in dogs. Dogs who
have skin allergies often bite, chew or lick their paws so
you have to observe if they do so. There are also rare
symptoms involving respiratory such as sneesing, wheesing
and coughing. If skin allergy is not treated at once it
may lead to secondary infections such as bacterial and
yeast infections. So you have to know the best possible
treatment to do at once.


Treatment of skin allergy involves allergy test and
identifying what your dog is allergic to. Your local
veterinarian will be making a thorough physical
examination for this so if you identify the symptoms of
skin allergy in your dog, bring him/her to your nearest
and trusted veterinarian at once to prevent complications.
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