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Dog Parvovirus

Dog parvovirus is the most common, serious
and infectious disease of pet dogs in the USA. Dog
parvovirus causes ulcerative enteritis and diarrhea in
susceptible dogs and this diarrhea can be bloody and life
threatening to your pet dog. Parvovirus is a very tough
bug which can live for long periods of time on your
floors, food containers etc. Not only this. parvovirus is
resistant to disinfectants and heat but can be killed with
an ordinary household bleach. Exposure to sunshine can
also kill the parvovirus. So the best way to get rid of
this virus is to use bleach.


The parvovirus is so dangerous to your pet dog that
symptoms are highly unlikely to occur. Sometimes it's too
late to identify the parvovirus that it is already fatal
for your dog and too late to cure. So before your dog gets
this infectious disease, you must do all you can for you
dog not to. There are shots taken for puppies for them to
be immune to this. But still age comes as a big factor.
Older dogs tends to be more vulnerable to this disease
than puppies. Also, Doberman, Pinschers, Rottweilers and
Pitbulls become more ill than other breeds of dogs when
contacted with this disease.

Nevertheless, the most common signs if there are of
parvovirus are depression, vomiting, diarrhea and profound
dehydration. Watch out for bloody stools. When diarrhea
occurs, most puppies already die but some can live as long
as just 6 days more. But when they survive for atleast 8
days, there will be a good chance that they will recover
from parvovirus. It should be said though that
misdiagnosis often occurs because not all dogs who gets
diarrhea already has parvovirus, the best way to know for
sure is to consult with your local veterinarian.


Basically the treatment of the parvovirus focuses on
correcting the dehydration that accompanies diarrhea with
intravenous fluids. Once the initial dehydration is
corrected, maintenance fluids will be given. The dog will
then be given antibiotics to prevent them from getting the
secondary bacterial infection that the parvovirus will do.
Still, when sure that your dog has the parvovirus, we
implore you to take them to the nearest veterinary
hospital for professional treatment. Remember that the
parvovirus is not just a simple virus, it is a fatal one,
so it is not to be treated lightly. And as always,
prevention is the best medecine of all.
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