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The Pug is a small but robust toy dog breed with a compressed, wrinkly face. It is a perky, outgoing little dog that has been referred to as "Multo in Parvo" meaning "a lot of dog in a small space. Don't underestimate the size of this dog, the pug breed is very devoted and makes a good watchdog. The pug is said to be big dog in a small dog's body.


Pugs are happy and cheerful little fellows that get along with just about anyone. They are very sociable dogs, but quite stubborn. Pugs are true companion dogs. This breed has had no other purpose than to love and be loved. For this reason Pugs are very people oriented. They not only thrive on human companionship but also need it to survive. Pugs are popular breed for a house pets, as it is easy to groom (though it sheds substantially more than other dogs of similar size). However, a pug likes to consider his self the boss. Therefore tiny children who do not understand how to correctly treat the pug can cause the pug to be scared, defensive, or shy. Pugs are true "lap dogs", in that they most often want nothing more than to curl up in their owner's lap. Pugs are generally compatible with most children and other animals. Some Pugs, like many dogs, suffer from separation anxiety; that is, when they are left alone, they bark and whine. Pugs are capable of being trained to stop their crying.

Pugs are not noted for high achievement in obedience competitions, although, like all dog breeds, they are intelligent and learn quickly in the right environment.

They are not aware they are small dogs so care must be taken they don't get in harms way. Pugs are completely NAIVE (some say downright dumb) about cars. Even Pugs who have been hit by a car (and survive) do not seem to learn that cars can hurt. Pugs should NEVER be allowed loose around cars.

Symmetry and general appearance are decidedly square and cobby. A lean, leggy Pug and a dog with short legs and a long body are equally objectionable.

12-14 years..

The Pug originated in the Far East in China , dating back to around 700 BC, though there is some debate as to the breed it was derived from. It was bred to be a companion dog, rather than a guardian. Pugs were kept by the royalty and were pampered and spoiled, and the expectation of such treatment is a characteristic that seems to remain with them to this day. Sometimes, as a mark of great esteem, Pugs were given to members of the court.

When the Dutch started trading with China , sailors smuggled some Pugs home to Europe , where the small dogs and natural companions quickly became popular. Like in China , they soon became associated with nobility.

According to legend, during a campaign against the Spanish by Prince of Orange William The Silent, his Pug, Pompey, thwarted an assassination attempt. One night at Hermigny, while the prince slept, assassins crept toward his tent. Pompey heard them and began barking and scratching to warn his master, finally jumping on his master's face to alert him to the impending danger.

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