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Dog Cushing Disease

Cushing's disease refers to a number of diseases that occur when a patient or in this case a dog is exposed to too much steroid hormone. The Cushing's disease occurs when the body is producing to much amount of steroid because of a pituitary gland problem. Cushing's disease is a bit common to dogs especially middle-aged dogs and breeds like the terriers, beagles, boxers and german shepherds. Since cushing's disease progress very slowly, dog owners don't recognize that their pet dog already has the disease. We're talking about 6 months to six years before the diagnosis is made so it is really important to know the symptoms of this disease so that you can easily identify if your dog already has a cushing's disease.

The first sign of cushing's disease if excessive thirst and urination. Increased in appetite that leads to stealing food or eating garbage and continous begging in the table is also a symptom. These symptoms are often overlooked as something that is just natural for dogs so you have to be very observational. Other symptoms include weakness and frequent skin infections. Loses of hair may also occur in the trunk of the body, not the head or legs. If you are still not sure, you can take your dog to a veterinarian to do a blood test for this.

Treatment of the cushing's disease include the stopping of the excessive production of steroids by the body. So if the tumor is the cause, it should be surgically removed. If not, there are also medications that can be done to decrease the production of steroids. It is always safe to consult with your local veterinarian to get suggestions on the best treatment possible for the cushing's disease of your dog.

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