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Belgian Shepherd Dog

Belgian Shepherd Dog


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An intelligent and alert and attentive dog, the Belgian Shepherd originally was bred for his herding ability and was fairly common throughout most of Europe. Originally a mixture of types, colours and coat lengths, the breed gradually developed into four main types which are named after the districts to which they were native.

The Groenendael is perhaps the most commonly known of the four varieties. His colour is always black, with a small patch or strip of white allowed on the chest and the tips of the toes. His coat is of medium harshness, long, straight and abundant on the body, with shorter hair on the head, outside of ears and lower part of the legs. The hair is especially long and abundant on the neck forming a ruff, particularly in the males.

The Tervueren is identical in conformation and coat to the Groenendael, the difference being in colour. All shades of red, fawn, grey with a black overlay are allowed. A black mask on the face extending to the eyes and black ears make the Tervueren a striking dog.

The Malinois is identical in conformation and colouring to the Tervueren but has a short, thick coat.

The Laekenois is identical in conformation to the other three breeds but is a reddish fawn colour with a black overlay and a harsh, wiry coat.

During World War I, thousands of Belgian Shepherds were trained as messengers and many lost their lives. Today the Belgian Shepherd Dogs are used for police work in Europe.

A highly trainable dog, the Belgian Shepherd excels at obedience work and makes a loyal family companion. Socialisation must begin at an early age and his protective instincts make it necessary to supervise him with visitors or visiting children


Ideal height: Dogs 62cm
Bitches 58cm
Weight 30- 36kg


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