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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier


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Taking his name from the mining shire in the Country of Northumberland in England, the Bedlington Terrier was originally used by the miners and gypsies for hunting badger, foxes and other vermin, but with time his attractive appearance saw him become a pet of the elite.

A good tempered and affectionate graceful, lithe and muscular dog with a mild and gentle expression when in repose, the lamb-like appearance belies the courage and fighting spirit of this breed and its jealous nature will see it fight to the death should it feel its place in the owner's affections is being usurped by another dog, and for this reason it is not recommended that it be kept in a home with another dog of the same sex. However, with people, the Bedlington Terrier is affectionate, responsive to training and suitable for most age groups.

The coat of the Bedlington Terrier is very distinctive - thick and linty, standing away from the skin with a tendency to twist. The Bedlington is a non-shedding breed and as with the Poodle, his coat does need trimming to keep him comfortable and the cost of professional grooming should be taken into consideration.


Ideal height: approx 41cm
Weight: 8.2 -10.4kg


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