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Pomeranians are breed of dogs in the spitz family, named for the Pomerania region of Poland and eastern Germany , and classed as toy dogs because of their small size. They are compact, active toy breeds. Pomeranians were bred as sled dogs and human companions capable I living in harsh conditions and helping in rescue work.


The Pomeranians are active dogs who are intelligent, courageous, and loyal companions. They are lively and eager to learn. They are eager to please, gentle, and affectionate. They may not interact well with small children, and due to their small size can suffer abuse from children.

Pomeranians are confident, commanding, and outgoing breed of dogs. They also exhibit an inquisitive expression and curiosity. Pomeranians have proven themselves to be excellent watchdogs by announcing intruders with loud, sharp barks.

The Pomeranian easily adapts to life in the city, and is an excellent dog for country living with its strong hunting instincts from its wild ancestors.

The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active toy dog. He has a soft, dense undercoat with a profuse harsh-textured outer coat. His heavily plumed tail is set high and lies flat on his back. He is alert in character, exhibits intelligence in expression, is buoyant in deportment, and is inquisitive by nature. The Pomeranian is cocky, commanding, and animated as he gaits. He is sound in composition and action.

12-16 years..

The Pomeranian originated from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland, which were eventually brought into Europe . Breeders in Pomerania improved the coat and bred the dogs down for city living, but they were still 20 pounds or more when they reached England .

English breeders, through trial and error and Mendelian theories, are credited for reducing the dog's size and developing the many colors. The Pomeranian of today is small due to selective breeding, but the breed still retains the hardy disposition and thick coat typical of dogs in cold climates.

The Pomeranian became internationally popular when Queen Victoria returned from vacation in Florence , Italy with a Pomeranian named Marco.

The closest relatives of the Pomeranian are the Norwegian Elkhound, the Samoyed, the Schipperke, and the whole Spitz group.

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