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Dogs and Children

Recent events in the UK have fuelled the debate over dogs and children. The death of a five month old baby after being attacked by two Rottweilers has saddened and shocked everybody and our thoughts go out to that poor family. For a while there may well be an over-reaction but letfs keep a clear head and look at the facts and what can be done to help keep children (and dogs) safe. The thoughts that follow are not the voice of an gexperth but they are an informed opinion. My interest in animal behavior is that of a hobby not a career.

Some of the facts

• Itfs very rare for a dog to attack a child

• The most likely cause of an attack is teasing – NEVER tease or provoke a dog, however friendly

• Most family dogs accept and protect the family children but should never be left alone with them.

• Stand still if a dog threatens you. It is instinctive for a dog to chase something moving.

• Generally watch out for growling, pricked upright ears pointing at you and a stiff tail held high. (Unfortunately some dogs so enjoy a chase that they may wag their tails as if they were friendly when they are not, so try to get to understand doggie body language.)

• The best defense is to become familiar with dogs and their signals.

• Most barking, excited dogs you meet in parks may wish to chase you but are not intending you harm.

• Dogs are not generally aggressive unless trained to be so. The danger lies in play which gets out of hand. Dogs are not little people in fur coats. They brains work differently from ours. They can hurt a child accidentally because they donft realize their actions will harm them.

• Two or more dogs are more likely to get too excited and go into attack mode. The pack instinct rises up.

• The only way a dog can tell you it doesnft like something is to move away or nip. Teach children not to pester dogs who are trying to get away.

• A distressed dog will sometimes warn by snapping into the air. This is only intended to communicate their displeasure but they can catch a child in the face accidentally.

• Donft touch a strange dog without checking with the owner that itfs okay first.

• Take extra precautions if your dog shows any jealousy towards a child. You may want to consider whether you should keep him in those circumstances.

Treat dogs with respect, as fellow creatures not playthings. Donft rob them of their heritage and dignity. The relationship between humans and dogs has been rewarding on both sides. Letfs celebrate that.


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