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Dog Flea Control

Fleas are one of the most irritating things to solve when you have a pet dog, and also one of the most expensive to treat. It has been estimated that pet owners spend almost $1billion each year just controlling these pests! Fleas are not just irritating to pets but also to owners and can cause medical problems like flea allergies, tapeworms, skin irritations and even anemia. What really is the best cure to get rid of fleas? There are a lot of suggestions you can read and ideas to do but the most important thing to do to totally get rid of these fleas is to not only treat your dog but also the environment.

You can spend all day taking out the fleas in your pet and see that it's already gone but the next day you would just notice that they have fleas again, right? That's because you treated the dog or pet itself, but you didn't treat the environment such as beddings, carpets, cages, etc. If you really want to get rid of these irritating fleas, you have to isolate your dog first. After this, you can treat your dog with flea control products that you can buy or just do it urself. Try to take out all of the fleas at once. Now when your dog is free from fleas and eggs, just let him/her stay isolated. The next step is cleaning the environment. You can just choose to clean the places where your dog stays the most like their bedding, cages, carpets etc but to be more effective, we suggest that you do a general cleaning in your entire house. If you let your pet stay in your bed, change your beddings and wash that with warm water. For the carpets, you should vacuum them thoroughly. Now you can use spray treatments like insecticides all over the house to get rid of eggs or fleas that have fallen in the entire house. Remember that adult fleas can live to as much as a year without feeding itself so you really have to get rid of them. Clean your house thoroughly. When done you can now let your pet run free in your house and cage and we can assure you that the fleas will atleast be 90% gone depending on what type of clean up you've done to your pet and to your house and outdoor environment. If you've done a good job, you could erradicate it %100 percent.

One more important thing to do here is once your dog and your house is treated already, you have to make sure that your dog doesn't get in contact with other dogs who has fleas because all the effort that you've done will just go to waste.

Flea control is not unattainable, is just hard to do. If you have the right attitude and really determined to get rid of these pests, you can do so just by following what we have written here. It's not an easy task cleaning your entire house and getting rid of all the fleas in your dog but once you've done this, it's worth it.

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