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The Bulldog (often called the English Bulldog or British Bulldog) is a medium-sized dog breed that originated in England . It is very special and very different from other dog breeds.


The bulldog was originally a fighting dog, but now he's about as easygoing as a dog can be. It is intelligent and trainable, affectionate and gentle, sensitive and uncomplicated. Even though its true character is very sweet and tolerant, bulldog's appearance is often a deterrent to any would-be intruder.

Contrary to classic cartoon parodies, the bulldog is not a vicious dog breed and gets along well with humans, including children, and sometimes other dog breeds. Among the qualities of the bulldog that makes them stand out are their legendary patience with children and their quiet and calm behavior. This breed is very friendly and playful, whilst also is being stubborn and protective, characteristics which have helped make the bulldog breed one of the unofficial symbols of the United Kingdom .

The perfect Bulldog must be of medium size and smooth coat; with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. The general appearance and attitude of the bulldog should suggest great stability, vigor and strength. The disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and bulldog's demeanor should be pacific and dignified. These attributes of the bulldog should be countenanced by the expression and behavior.

10-12 years..

The term "bulldog" was first used around 1500 and might have been applied to various ancestors of modern bulldog breeds. In the 1600s, bulldogs were used for bull baiting, a wagering sport popular in the 17th century in which trained bulldogs leapt at a bull lashed to a post, latched onto its snout and attempted to suffocate it. The practice of bull baiting was banned in England in 1835.

After bull baiting was banned, the breed began to die out (known as the Old English Bulldog) until fans turned to conformation dog shows. The first show to have a class for bulldogs was in Birmingham . Just a few years later, in 1864, a club was organized to enhance the breed. Unfortunately, this group never picked a specific breed standard, and in 1891 the two top bulldogs, King Orry and Dockleaf, were greatly different in appearance. King Orry was reminiscent of the original bulldogs -- lighter boned and very athletic. Dockleaf was smaller and heavier set -- more like modern bulldogs. Dockleaf was declared the winner that year. Although some argued that the older version of the bulldog (known as the Old English Bulldog) was more fit to perform, the modern version's looks won over the fans of the breed.

Recently, many people have tried to recreate the breed more akin to the original bull baiter. Examples of the trend are the Olde Englishe Bulldogge, Renaissance bulldog, Victorian, Continental and Dorset Old Thyme bulldog.

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