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I'm have 2 dogs. They're very pretty ^_^ and this blog a has designed for them. All way how to gat dog name, dog bread, dog gallery you can find here..

Boy names and their meanings, Top 100 Boys Names

Name Meanings

Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger
Adam earth, created by God
Adrian of the Adriatic
Aidan help, little fire
Alexander protector of mankind
Andrew manly, valiant, courageous
Angel heavenly messenger
Anthony priceless, flourishing, flower
Antonio priceless, flourishing, flower
Ahton east town in old English
Austin strong leader, trustworthy
Benjamin son of my right hand
Blake fair-haired, pallid
Brady from Bradley, broad meadow
Bandon fiery hill, sword
Brayden brave, broad
Brendan little raven
Brian strong
Bryce son of Rice, swift, quick-moving
Caden son of Cadan
Caleb bold, dog
Cameron bent nose
Carlos manly, strong
Carson son of Carr
Carter cart driver
Charles manly, strong
Charlie manly, strong
Chase hunter
Christian anointed, follows Christ
Christopher Christ-bearer
Cody assistant, a cushion, possessions
Cole coal, victory of the people
Colin youth, child, victor
Connor desire, wise aid, wolf-lover
Cooper cask, barrel maker
Daniel my judge is the Lord
David beloved one
Devin poet
Diego the supplanter
Daminic of the lord
Dylan sea god, son of the waves
Elijah Jehovah is god
Eric ever-powerful
Ethan strong, firm, constant
Evan young warrior, well-born
Gabriel God is my strength
Garrett gentle, enclosure; watchful
Gavin white hawk
Henry ruler of the home
Hunter hunter
Ian Modern Scottish form of John
Isaac he will laugh
Isaiah salvation of the Lord
Jack Derived from Jackin
Jackson son of Jack
Jacob held by the heel
Jaden from jade, precious stone
James supplanter
Jason healer
Jeremiah exalted of the Lord
Jesse wealthy
John God is merciful
Jonathan God gives
Jocdan to descend, to flow
Jose God will increase
Joseph God will increase
Joshua Jehovah saves
Juan God is merciful
Julian youthful
Justin just, true
Kevin name of a river; from the narrow river
Kyle handsome, near the chapel, narrow, channel, strait
Landon long hill
Liam unwavering protector
Logan little hollow
Lucas bringer of light
Luis famed warrior
Luke bringer of light
Mason stoneworker
Matthew gift of God
Max the greatest
Michael who is like God
Miguel who is like God
Nathan gift of God
Nathaniel gift of God
Nicholas victorious people
Noah comfort, wanderer
Owen well born, warrior
Parker cultivated land
Patrick noble one
Richard powerful ruler, brave one
Riley valiant
Robert bright, famous
Ryan little king
Sam to hear
Samuel his name is God
Sean God's grace
Sebastian revered one
Seth appointed one
Steven crown
Thomas twin
Timothy honouring God
Trevor cautious
Tristan labourer, noisy one
Tyler tiler, roofer
Victor victor
Will valiant protector
William valiant protector
Wyat little warrior, water
Xavier bright, new house


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