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Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie


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As Australian as a kangaroo, the Australian Kelpie has a natural instinct and aptitude for the working of sheep, both in open country or in yards, and is renowned for the way in which he runs over the sheep's backs.

A tough, independant, highly intelligent dog with extreme loyalty and utmost devotion to duty, the Australian Kelpie has a tractable disposition. Obedient and super alert, he is eager to please and makes a devoted companion, however his inexhaustible energy makes him unsuitable for suburban living.

He needs plenty of exercise, and becomes frustrated and bored if cooped up for long periods of time. He idolises his owners and will do anything for them and is always ready for a game, however his high activity levels make supervision around young children necessary.

His short, weather-resistant coat comes in attractive colourings of black, black and tan, red, red and tan, fawn, chocolate and smoke blue.


Ideal height:
Dogs 46 to 51cm
Bitches 43 to 48cm.
Weight 16 to 20kg.


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