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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

Dog door

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A "true blue" Aussie, the Australian Cattle Dog's prime function is the movement and control of cattle in both confined and wide, open spaces. Always alert, extremely intelligent, watchful and courageous, this breed is a tribute to the ability of the Australian stockmen who knew what they wanted in a cattle dog and set about producing it.

Naturally suspicious of strangers, and retaining the protective instincts which made him such an invaluable guardian of the stockman and his herd, the Australian Cattle Dog is still very much a working dog, even when living in the suburbs. He likes to feel useful and is never happier than when he has a job to do, and requires physically and mentally challenging activities. Long walks, plenty of company, and an active lifestyle are necessary to keep this dog at his happiest. In a home where these needs are not met, the breed is likely to become destructive, noisy and dominant.

The Australian Cattle Dog's natural herding, strong protective and territorial instincts require that this breed is supervised with children.

The Australian Cattle Dog comes in colourings of blue, or red speckle.

Dog door

Ideal height:
Dogs 46 to 51cm
Bitches 43-38cm
Weight 23 to 27kg.

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