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Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Dog door

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The National Dog of Japan, the Akita Inu is an immensely powerful and imposing animal with a massive chest and head, suggestive of a bear. Majestic in appearance, the Akita inspires immediate respect.

Dignified, aloof and with a fearless temperament the Akita is a no nonsense protector of family and home and must be supervised with visitors and visiting children

The most outstanding physical characteristics of the Akita are the uniquely positioned ears, rather small, erect and triangular, set to the side of the head and slanting forward, and the tail carried curled over the back.

The coat is coarse, harsh and dense and the Akita moults two or three times a year during which time owners may find it difficult to have him inside the house.

The colours of the Akita coat are brilliant and clear and markings are clearly defined.

The Akita must receive socialisation and training from a very early age if he is to make a satisfactory family pet. Training requires patience and understanding as the Akita Inu will not be forced to obey.

The Akita Inu is not the dog for everyone. Akitas tend to be aggressive with other dogs.

Height Dogs 66 -71 cm.
Bitches 61-66cm
Weight 40- 48kg

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