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I'm have 2 dogs. They're very pretty ^_^ and this blog a has designed for them. All way how to gat dog name, dog bread, dog gallery you can find here..


Dog Doorossessed of the ultimate in beauty and grace, the Afghan Hound is truly a king among dogs. A true aristocrat, the stylish Afghan is an elegant, strong, dignified dog combining great speed and power.

Originally bred for hunting, the Afghan Hound requires considerable exercise in order to maintain good physical condition, as well as a large yard in which to play.

His second important need is regular grooming and a glance at his long thick, silky coat will tell you that this is indeed a time-consuming job.

His aloof demeanour and independent spirit, which is so typical of this spectacular breed can mean that he may be a little more difficult to train than some other dogs. However, kindness and patient handling will quickly make the Afghan a loyal and loving companion. Provided that you can give him the conditions and care that he needs, there are few more rewarding dogs to own than the exotic and highly individualistic Afghan Hound.

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